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Four yeses! Here we go!

My first act on America’s Got Talent was a phantasmagorical whirlwind. Wow. So much pressure, such an insane production. They literally have 250 acts in the preliminary round, and the behind the scenes absolutely boggles the mind. Impressive.

I had some technical difficulties that forced me to switch up the methodology of my illusion literally 2 hours before going on stage, but after waiting in a room literally for like 14 hours, I finally went out on stage in front of the judges, and did my act.

The energy of the crowd was awesome. They are literally on hair-trigger for anything that is great. And I got 4 yeses! So I’m on to round to – Judge Cuts. Down from all of America to the top 80 acts. Incredible.

Massive thanks to Matt Talmadge, assistant extraordinaire.

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