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One of the benefits of being a professional magician is having a lot of time on ones hands to work out. For those who don’t know, I was an elite swimmer in college, and I achieved a lifelong goal in 2012 by qualifying for Olympic Trials in swimming in the 100 free and the 100 breast. I didn’t make the Olympic team, nor did I expect to, but it was a lifelong goal achieved.

Since college I have been training at the Olympic Club with a cohort of ex college swimmers, many real Olympians, and since last year decided it would be fun to try for 2016. #RoadToRio baby!

I held my expectations back because I wasn’t training as much as I was in college, but—if the title didn’t spoil you—I made it!

I qualified in the 50 freestyle, the shortest distance and the highest energy sprint. I’m currently qualified around 90th in the country.

I remember the race so vividly—before I swam it, I knew I would qualify. Before I stepped up to the blocks I felt an energy inside me, visualizing a ball of golden light, which flooded my bloodstream with a pure energy.

I took my marks, and heard the starter pistol shot. And then I held my breath, pushed with all my might, and looked up at the clock, knowing I had made it.

And I had. Yes. Sweet victory.

This is me right after, with the Finis rep that gave me the very fast purple suit.

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