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Guess what. Yes. Exactly. You’re exactly right. It’s what we thought all along. I’ll be on TV for this season of Penn & Teller: Fool Us. I can hardly believe it.

Again, I can’t say whether I fooled them or not, but goodness, if this wasn’t an amazing experience. Working with the incredible behind the scenes crew of magicians and legends, getting to meet Johnny Thompson just a few weeks before he passed, was the privilege of a lifetime. I met some ridiculous performers and saw an incredible, incredible couple of illusions that I’m still confused about. And the energy of the audience was electric.

Stay tuned…

Update – Watch here!

Watch before reading this:

Yeah! Awesome right! I mean, I got exactly what I wanted. I brought a smile and a laugh to Teller, and called Penn out for talking too much. Plus, the illusion worked perfectly, and they loved it! I mean what a quote!

Wow. Boy we loved that. I mean really, really loved it. It’s crazy good and wonderful and so sweet.

– Penn Jilette

After the show was over, I saw P&T in the wings of their theater, and they waved at me to come over. We chatted for a couple of minutes, and they were so complimentary and positive. Getting their stamp of approval was literally all I could ever ask for.

Can’t wait to go back. And next time, I’m going to fool them.

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