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What magic is there in thy brain?
What sorcery in thy step? 
Much, much, I proffer—
If, to my show, you get.


I am proud to deliver to your brains the news that I am back! With a new residency at Amado’s (998 Valencia at 21st, map) in the Mission district of San Francisco. I am promising NEW MAGIC and MYSTERIOUS DELIGHTS and UNFORESEEN HAPPENSTANCES. Don’t miss it.

After a sellout trial run last week, the magic show will now be monthly at Amado’s in San Francisco, on the final Thursday each month! This is very exciting, and means my next shows will Feb 23 and March 30. Info and tickets at the show site here:

So far the show has been working mainly through word of mouth, so if you know someone who you think would enjoy 70 minutes of impossible, let them know!


Thanks for reading. Watermelon. Lawnmower. Icicle. 2 of diamonds.

North Tower
1415 Hyde St
San Francisco, CA

T: +1 (415) 952 6106