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When organizing a corporate retreat, holiday party, private event, or conference, it’s essential to provide an unforgettable experience for your guests. This is why, for those seeking a corporate magician, event planners nationwide consistently select Kevin Blake. As a top-tier entertainer, Kevin infuses each event with a distinctive touch of magic, crafting lasting memories for all attendees. His expertise as a corporate magician ensures that each gathering is not only memorable but also uniquely magical.

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Exclusively Tailored Corporate Magic Performances

In the realm of corporate entertainment, Kevin Blake stands out as a premier corporate magician, offering a unique blend of mentalism, mind reading, and engaging humor tailored for sophisticated corporate audiences. His performances, perfect for both corporate and private events, captivate even the most discerning attendees with charm and unparalleled talent. Interactive and immersive, Kevin’s magic makes every participant feel like an integral part of the event. Elevate your corporate event, be it a client appreciation night, employee gathering, or annual celebration, into an unforgettable experience with Kevin Blake’s magical prowess.


Large Groups Stage Headlining

As the star of 'The Illusionist at the Palace Theater,' a sell-out sensation in San Francisco, and on stages globally, Kevin Blake excels as a corporate magician. His electrifying stage presence, sharp humor, and astonishing magic create an interactive spectacle ideal for headlining entertainment at corporate conferences and private events. His performances are not just shows but memorable experiences tailored for corporate audiences.


Close-Up Happy Hours Mingling

Kevin's repertoire as a corporate magician includes masterful sleight-of-hand, intriguing gambling demonstrations, mind reading, con games, and tricks so extraordinary they challenge perceptions of reality. Clients eagerly anticipate introducing Kevin Blake to their teams. He's the enigmatic figure who delivers such baffling feats that attendees are left with no choice but to embrace the wonder of magic.


Remote Online Interactive

Kevin Blake also offers an exceptional virtual magic show, perfect for the modern remote workforce. This show, specifically designed for distributed teams, has garnered over 1000 bookings worldwide since 2020, becoming a triumph of pandemic-era entertainment. Joining via Zoom, Teams, or Google Meet, Kevin's online show is ideal for corporate team-building or adding an exciting twist to the routine, further solidifying his status as a top corporate magician.

"Kevin Blake is PHENOMENAL! He had a our whole team engaged and trying to figure out how he did his tricks. Would HIGHLY recommend seeing his show or hiring him for an event. Thank you Kevin!"
— Acrew Capital
“If I could give Kevin 10 stars, I would. We had him for our company EOY Celebration for 200+ people, and he did amazing! Everyone was on the edge of their seats, and we all couldn't stop talking about his performance days afterward.”
— Pager
“Kevin was the hit of the party - everyone was amazed and he immediately engaged with the guests. He was very professional prior to and during the event . He was able to relate his performance to the work our company does (neuroscience) - so it went over even better!”
— BlackthornRX


Meet San Francisco's Kevin Blake, a distinguished corporate magician and mentalist, acclaimed as one of America's leading entertainers. Choosing Kevin, known for his captivating performances on 'America’s Got Talent' and 'Penn & Teller: Fool Us', as well as his online viral presence and sold-out live shows, means opting for a magical experience that transcends the ordinary.

Based in the heart of San Francisco, Kevin shines as a beacon in Silicon Valley and across the Bay Area, celebrated for delivering exceptional experiences at diverse events. Ideal for both intimate gatherings and high-stakes corporate functions, Kevin is the preferred entertainer for discerning guests, executives, and VIPs. Specializing in creating indelible moments, he blends masterful sleight-of-hand with extraordinary mind-reading and mentalism, ensuring a captivating experience for all audiences. For your next event, trust corporate magician Kevin Blake to guide your guests on an unforgettable journey through the wonders of magic and mental marvels.


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